Welcome to Motorsport Illustrated News.

Auto racing creates more excitement and drama each week than any other sport. With Motorsport Illustrated News, race fans can now get their racing fix from either a print or digital magazine 45 times a year. Races are run every week. Coverage should be weekly, too.

Utilizing experienced journalists from around the world, along with outstanding photography and stunning graphics, Motorsport Illustrated News will deliver auto racing news and in-depth articles to you each week.

Our primary coverage will focus on the American Le Mans Series, ARCA, Formula 1, GRAND-AM, IndyCar, NASCAR and the World Rally Championship. We will also include stories and information about many of the support series, as well as local racing.

Each issue of Motorsport Illustrated News can be viewed in print or on a computer, tablet or smart phone. Wherever you are, and whatever your preference, you can enjoy reading Motorsport Illustrated News. You can subscribe to the digital only version, or subscribe to the print version and get the digital version for free.

We will print 45 times a year, once each in January and December, with weekly issues from February through November.

Each issue will also include our Hot Laps section to provide you with a broad view on other racing action and news. Be sure to check out Snap Shots, which will be hard to miss as the stunning photography will leap out of each issue. In addition, our website will include a new and entertaining Snap Shots Video each week. As the season progresses, there will be more exciting areas that we will add for your enjoyment.

I am excited about bringing Motorsport Illustrated News to you each week. Race fans are passionate about their sport, and we will be equally passionate in bringing you a quality racing publication. So sit back and enjoy.

Racing is Drama™ – get it each week with Motorsport Illustrated News.


Finley Pearson