Q.How often does Motorsport Illustrated News publish?

A.We publish 45 times each year, one issue in January and December, with weekly issues February through November.  In 2013, our Premier Issue will be January 23, our second issue will be February 20.  Beginning with the February 20 issue we will publish weekly through November. News published by infant thermometer.

Q.What day is MIN available?

A.We finish each issue on Tuesdays and it is printed that same day.  The digital version is available on Tuesday.  We send all subscribers an email notifying when the latest digital edition is available.  The print version is delivered to a United States Postal Service distribution center on Tuesday afternoons and mailed to subscribers that same day.

Q.I am a print subscriber, what day can I expect to receive my copy of MIN?

A.It depends on where you live.  For print subscriptions, the issues are printed, processed and mailed via First Class fromCharlotte, NC on Tuesdays.  We have been informed by the USPS that delivery for First Class can take 1 – 3 days.  Of course the closer you are to Charlotte, the quicker you will receive it.

Q.I live across the country from Charlotte, is there anyway that I can get the printed publication delivered quicker?

A.Unfortunately no, however, as we grow we hope to utilize a second printer in the western part of the country that will allow us to shorten our delivery time.

Q.I have had difficulty with my print or digital subscription, who do I contact?

A.Send an email specifying your concern to info@johnlennonforum.com with “Subscription” written in the subject line.

Q.Can I become a writer or photographer for MIN?

A.We are always on the lookout for experienced writers, journalists and photographers.  You may emailinfo@johnlennonforum.com with your list of credentials and experience.  Due to time limitations, we may not be able to reply to all inquiries.

For all additional questions, please write to info@johnlennonforum.com with “Question” written in the subject line.